Rom, iso, and bios archive organized in retropie’s filesystem format. Contains an indexed list of abandonware/computer software, system files, game files, and global game system and computer system boot files for emulators. Easily browse and direct download multiple terabytes of forgotten about retro games and computer software all in one place. Non-JavaScript friendly.

Staking consensus system

A brief look into Ethereum 2.0, how crypto as a whole could change for the better following ETH 2.0. I wrote this with a subjective lens into staking being a hobbyist Ethereum miner, and not knowing exactly when the switch will hit, so I tried to give a brief rundown to explain the most important […] is a bash/shell script to easily manage a Wireguard tunnel, to integrate into your development pipeline in scripts, or just for an easier method to connect, disconnect, create, and remove a Wireguard tunnel. See wireguard kernel requirements, and make sure Wireguard is compatable with your system or already installed if not using apt package […]