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πŸ‘‹ Hi, I’m Jake Turner, a web developer from Denver, CO.

πŸ”­ Current Work

🧠 Education

  • Currently enhancing skills in Backend Service Development, Web-Automation, Networking, UI/UX Design, and AI/ML.

⚑ Main Projects

  • AI IOS/Android App: Developing β€œReal Art AI”, a mobile application leveraging AI. Learn More
  • Configurable Book Downloader: Working on β€œInfinity Library,” a versatile book downloader. Explore on GitHub

πŸ“ Writing and Documentation

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πŸ’» Tech Stack:

Dart Java JavaScript PHP Python TypeScript PowerShell Bash HTML CSS React Angular Vue.js Next JS NodeJS Flutter Markdown MySQL MongoDB Docker Kubernetes Nginx Apache GitHub Pages Vercel jQuery Webpack NPM Apache Maven Gradle GIMP Pandas NumPy PyTorch SciPy Flask Windows macOS Linux Android iOS Visual Studio Code Jupyter Google Colab Git SSH VNC Apache Guacamole Nginx Reverse Proxy Manager Proxmox VirtualBox

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