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Updated FitGirl repacks list

Unofficial FitGirl Repack List and associated web-scrape scripts for either RepackList updating or updating + magnet extraction simply creates or updates a RepackList.txt file in the scripts’ working directory. is a web-scraper that has two purposes, and is divided into two parts:

  1. creating an updated RepackList.txt with a consise list of FitGirl repacks.
  2. reading the RepackList.txt and for each entry extract download mirrors into a consise magnet.txt in ~/links/<repackname>. Limitations needs to be ran as a root/elevated user. Limitations takes a very long time to extract magnet links. It creates and filters through a list of nearly 3000 links, all need to be pulled from the source of a parent file, and searched through individually. needs to be ran as a root/elevated user.

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